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'Don't step over dollars to pick up nickels"
This is what of most of us tend to do, especially when just getting a new business off the ground..

It simply describes the huge difference between the price of something and the true cost. Price is what you pay. The true cost is the total expense to you in terms of money, time, resources, or just plain frustration and headaches.

This is your chance to pick up the dollars and leave the nickels someone else!
I tell my friends you can tell your kids are mature when they start to really listen their parents and other old fogies. It doesn't mean follow advice blindly, but recognize the value of experience. And then use that experience to avoid making bad decisions and mistakes themselves.

The same is true in business. But who do you listen to?

Now days the first thing many of us do when we need answers or help is "search" the Internet. (That's what got you here, right?) The problem with the Internet is anybody can set up a website and say anything they want. Most of the so-called "Internet Gurus" who sell programs about how to make money on-line simply ask you to sell their program on how to make money on-line. They make money by upgrading you in small steps. You order the "$29.95 business in a box" and then learn what you really need is the "$167 upgrade", but to make the big bucks you need the "Gold Level $995 program". Most are just reselling and referring customers back and forth to each other. It is like a giant Ponzi scheme.

The thing is, they know it is human nature is to seek some type of system, secret, or other "discovery" that is guaranteed to make you rich. Deep down, we all know there isn't any system or secret that will replace hard work, dedication, and education.

So how am I different?

First, I am not promoting any particular business for you to engage in!
The information I provide will work with any product or service, and any business, home-based or otherwise. Just by reading my resource guide you have the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge I have gained from over 30 years of business experience. Of course, you have a choice. You use the advice and recommendations I offer to help you get where you want to be faster or you can learn it on your own. It may take you 30 years and cost you tens of thousands of dollars. (Like it did for me). On the other hand, you could simply continue reading.

Second, I give you all the information the first time.
You may have experienced one the hundreds of programs that charge you small "introductory fee". Later you find out that to get the real program you need to spend a little more. After that, you find out you need to spend even more to get the "cadillac program" (which is what you thought you were getting in the first place!
provide all the information the first time, right up front. Of course, if you are like most of us, you will end up a purchasing a few additonal services and products from other sources.


About now you are probably wondering:

"What the heck are my qualifications are to provide this type of advice?"

Well, think about this:

A joke among my friends is how I am able to do
all the things I do without ever having a job!

Here is a little background:

I started an advertising business in 1991 with less than $200. I ran the business from my home, worked hard, and sold it two years later for six figures.

I then used that money to open a travel agency with my wife. 23 years later our travel agency is going strong. Thanks to the Internet, we can now work from home as easily as from our retail travel agency. Quite a change from when we opened 23 years ago!

For 12 years ((1998-2010) operated a day program for adults who are developmentally disabled. This non-profit operated a document destruction business that provided jobs for our clients with disabilities. The income from our travel business allowed us to support this non-profit and donate our time. We were able to pay cash for trucks, balers, conveyors, forklifts and other required equipment. During the last four years we were even paid a salary!

In 2008 we started a home-based long arm quilting business. It required a substantial investment in equipment, education, taxes, and other expenses. It is now a hugely profitable business.

The bottom line:
An initial investment of less than $200 grew and financed several enterprises, enabled the purchase of several hundred thousand dollars in equipment
and assets with no debt,
and now produces a substantial, steady income!

However, I left out one very important fact: For 13 years, from 1978 to 1991, I was in the school of hard knocks. I tried all types of different advertising concepts, MLM marketing, real estate sales, phone sales, door to door sales, more things than I can remember. None amounted to much of anything. But, with each learning experience, (a learning experience is what you get when you don't get what you want) I gained valuable knowledge.

Fast forward to today. The rise of the Internet has changed everything. I first started using the Internet in 1995 to market our travel business. At that time only about 25% of households even had a computer and only about 5% had access to the Internet from home. Almost 20 years later, the number of people using the Internet and they way they use it has changed dramatically.

Today, over 80% of our new travel clients
quilting customers find us on-line. (The rest are from referrals)
And, 100% of our home based inquiries
(such as yours) are generated on-line.

No Matter What Service or Product
Your Small or Home-Based Business Offers,
You Need 5 Basic Things

#1. You are going to need your own website
And I mean you OWN WEBSITE! This is one where you control the content, updates, and other aspects of it. It can get very expensive in time and money having to pay a web site service to build your site and then have to pay them every time you want a little change done. There is no reason to pay or be dependent on someone else until your business has grown large to justify paying soemone to maintain it. I will show you how easy it is to do it yourself and when appropriate, find "your own people" who to maintain for very little expense.

I have been maintaining my own websites for nearly 18 years. These sites generate thousands of dollars in income. They don't use fancy movies, or "flash" or other distracting features. They provide the information my potential customers are looking for. Most important is they almost always appear on the first page of search results from the major search engines.

Over the years I have wasted thousands of dollars on worthless web site building programs. And I spent hundreds of hours using them. After trying nearly fifty different programs I now recommend the only one I found that combined ease of use, affordable price, great results, and most important, prompt and accurate support.

Go ahead and do a Google search for web site design, web site builder, or web site or build web site, or anything similiar. You are going to get hundreds of results. I know of only two ways to find the best one: Do what I did and spends tons of money and waste lots of valuable time, or just get my Home Business Resource Guide for yourself.

There is one HUGE mistake many people make when setting up a website for their business. I guarantee if you make this mistake you will regret it and pay dearly to correct it! You can find out what it is and how to avoid it if you have my Home Business Resource Guide.

There are several other critical components that a website must have in addittion to it being affordable and effective, If your business stays small it may not matter much if you are missing any of these components. It can be diastrous if your business takes off and grows to any size. I identify and explain these so you don't need to make the same mistakes I did!

# 2 You need to drive traffic to your website.
This is one of the most overlooked and misunderstood parts of using the internet. A great looking website is worthless if no one ever visits it. The cost to get traffic to your website runs from free to very expensive. If you take the expensive route (and you may not even realize it unitl you get your first bill), you can spend several times what you earn in a matter of days or even hours!

Again, there are hundreds of scammers willing to take your money to put you at the top of Google and other search pages. The "SEO" biz  is huge, and basically a waste of money. (I get an average of 10 calls a week trying to sell me this). In fact, many use techniques that will get you on the first page for a while, but can actually get your website "delisted" or removed from the search engine. This is the kiss of death for any website!

Order my Home Business Resource Guide you will equip yourself to avoid the scams and at the same make it easy for you customers to find your website.

#3. You need a way to generate leads and customers
So you do a really good job with #1 & #2 above and get tons of visitors to your website. These "hits" are worthless unless you can turn them into to customers. I am amazed at the number of websites I visit that don't provide a way for me to become a customer or a prospect! Once I show you the simple way to do this, you will never look at your website the same again.

#4. You need a way to stay in contact with your leads and customers once you get them
Once you get good at #3 above, you need to keep in touch. You never know when someone is going to change from a "looker" to a "buyer". And when that happens, you want to be there! I will show you the best way to do this in my Home Business Resource Guide.

#5. You need a way to close sales and get paid
All the interest in world is worthless if you can't "close" the sale and get paid! Almost all new businesses fail to "GET THE CHECK" . A thousand orders without a check reminds me of the saying, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions". Well, the road to an empty bank account is paved with unpaid orders! It is easy to get someone to say "YES". Especially if they know that gets them off the hook to actually pay for a product or service. If you get nervous when it is time to "close the sale and get paid", you are in urgent need of my Home Business Resource Guide.


My Home Business Resource Guide has already helped hundreds of business owners just like you jump start their business.

Here are a few comments from some of them:

.. thank you so much for the information! It was the "light bulb" I needed to finally get my buiness going! - S. Hone

At first I was skeptical because I had tried similiar things in the past that were no help at all. I am happy to say your resource guide paid for its self many times over within a few hours. Thank you! -Anita H.

I am so glad I found your resource guide. It put an end to my wasting money on worthless products. If I had found you sooner I could have saved a lot of time and money I spent trying out different services and programs. I'm just glad my "trials and errors" are over. – Laura S.


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